What is 4-H and How Do I Join?

A 4-H club is a group of young people in your school or community who
want to “Learn by Doing”.  4-H members don’t just read about things, they
do them.  They enroll in projects, take part in meetings, learn interesting
new things, help neighborhoods through community services, attend camps
and lead others to be productive citizens.

4-H members may choose to participate in any project activity.  
∙raise animals and plants
∙make healthy food choices                                
•use a computer
•collect insects or leaves
•learn to baby-sit
•healthy living
•to learn communication skills
•outdoor skills/physical fitness
just to mention a few.

There are 24 projects for 4th-6th grades members and 33 projects for 7th-
12th grade members to choice.
In order to join your school club, you must be in grades 4th through 12th.  
A 4-H
Agent will come to your school once a month to conduct an educational
program.   Agents prepare and distribute monthly newsletters and other
contest guidelines.  If you do not have a school club, you may join the
“Quatrefoil” 4-H group that is offered to students like you who can not
attend a club meeting at the school, as well as home schooled youth.

For Adults Only: We always need adult volunteers to help with projects
and plan activities.  If you are interested in donating your time, or if you
need any more information about 4-H, please call the Extension Office @
226-6805.  By YOU getting involved, you are helping your child grow in
leadership, citizenship, friendship and self-esteem!  
Caddo Extension Office
2408 East 70th Street
Shreveport, LA  71105
(318) 226-6805
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