1.        Keep your seat.
2.        Raise your hand to speak.
3.        Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
4.        Listen.

Reading is one of the most important life skills.  You can help your child become an enthusiastic and fluent reader.  Keep a
variety of books available for your child to read. Let then try to read poems, rhymes, riddles and songs.  Play a game with
your child and let them read the directions.  Mistakes are a part of our life.  Correct reading errors as soon as they happen.  
ENCOURAGE your child and PRAISE them regularly.
After you read a selection with your child, ask the following questions.
•        Who are the characters?
•        Where is this story taking place?
•        What is the problem in the story?
•        How is the problem solved?
•        Can you sequence the story from beginning to end?