School Counselors help students by……
Promoting positive attitudes among students toward self, family, peers, and community.
Assisting students in learning how school performance relates to future opportunities.
Working collaboratively with students, parents, and teachers to identify and remove barriers to learning.
Supporting students by teaching skills for achieving success.
Helping students to recognize and make the best of their abilities.
Counseling with students individually and in groups.
Providing support during personal crisis.
Orienting new students.

How and Why do Parents Contact the School Counselor?

Concerns over student achievement
Family health problems
New school registration and orientation
Test interpretation
Discussing  testing for  the gifted/talented programs
Early discussion of potential crises
Family difficulties or concerns
Parents can call the school counselor at any time for conference or to set up a school visit.
How Does a Student See a Counselor?

Self- referral
Request of a counselor
Parental referral

Administrative referral
Teacher or other staff referral
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